Thursday, July 7, 2011

Packing List

I'm leaving for my trip to England one week from today. Is it just me, or is packing to look cute on vacation really hard? I usually arrive, look at the selection of clothes in my suitcase and think "What was I thinking when I packed?!" Also, by the end of a family vacation (especially one in a foreign country) I feel walked to death and so tired that I don't even care what I look like.

However, I am determined to look cute this time, so I made a packing list like a month in advance (and I've been fine tuning it for the past week or so because I'm OCD like that) and I also looked over Lauren Conrad's Style book that I received for Christmas last year. LC has some pretty good travel wardrobe tips.

Anyway, my main issue of indecision right now is deciding whether or not to bring these babies across the pond with me:

How do you pack when you travel? Any tips?


Kristen said...

ahh you should share some of her tips. i never know what to bring, so i bring EVERYTHING. literally.

Bad Joan said...

These rain boots are perfect for London! Black clothes with colorful accessories are perfect when you need to pack light.

mia said...

Definitely bring them, it rained unbelievably hard today! I know, I have such a hard time packing as well... I kind of want to make my suitcase look chic when I open it as well, but I throw so much on top, it comes out like a mad jumble!