Friday, August 26, 2011

Happy Birthday Andrew

Last year was Andrew's golden birthday (26 on the 26th) but this year he turns 27 and since 27 is one of my favorite numbers, I wrote up a list of little known facts about Andrew/things I love about him.

This will probably embarrass him, but I don't care.

1. He is a smarty-pants. I mean he's the smartest person I've ever known. Ask him a question, any question about anything, and he'll know the answer. Try it.
2. He's a photographer. Here's his Flickr.
3. People love him. I get told all the time by strangers, family members, and friends that he's a genius/super talented/movie star handsome.
4. When we got a new wireless router, he surprised me by naming our new network "Cupcake" because I love cupcakes so much.
5. He understands me perfectly and knows what I'm thinking before I even say it most of the time.
6. He's a really hard worker and very accomplished.
7. He takes an interest in decorating our apartment together, and he also cares about his clothing.
8. He's endlessly patient.
9. I've never had a problem Andrew couldn't figure out or fix for me (specifically computer related problems).
10. He loves food and he's good at cooking.
11. He tells me I'm pretty several times a day.
12. He's interested in almost everything and one of the funnest people to go vacations with.
13. He never says something unless he means it, so I can always trust his opinion.
14. His biggest dream is to be an astronaut.
15. He is always willing to help anyone out when they need it.
16. He has excellent taste in music and collects vinyl LPs.
17. He thinks there is nothing better than watching an episode of COPS while eating a big bowl of ice cream.
18. He loves his family's dog he grew up with and promises me we'll have a menagerie of our own someday.
19. Almost every day he thanks me for marrying him and being with him.
20. He's really good at picking out presents for people and he loves giving gifts.
21. He thinks I'm really funny.
22. He's generous and kind.
23. We agree on almost everything (excepting some food and movies).
24. If Andrew could have one wish, it would be to make tomatoes extinct. He believes eating them will cause his untimely death on the spot.
25. He wants to live in a cottage on the beach or the forest with me.
26. We met in the summertime and whenever I think about summer I'm reminded of him.
27. He's the best person I know.


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aww, i love it :) i wish i knew andrew.

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Aw that's so sweet!